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I have helped numerous people improve how they present themselves and their accomplishments both on paper and in an interview setting.  My clients have received offers and proceeded through various interview stages at many prestigious tech companies including Uber, Cisco, Amazon, Atlassian, and Google in Product Marketing, Operations, and Product Management roles. If I include myself as a client you can add Intel, Lyft, NVIDIA, and LinkedIn to that list!

My clients also include professionals who transitioned from non-technology fields such as education or the applied sciences. Fill out the form below to receive more details on my interview and resume preparation services and find out how I can help you land the tech job you want!

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Client Reviews

The best part of working with Joe was his ability to pull out my true skills and achievements and separate these from my own insecurities. When we talked through each part of my original resume, Joe probed to learn more about what I actually did and how I contributed to each project on my resume. Through this exercise, I was able to identify more powerful and meaningful (less generic) language to use in my resume and I was able to gain a more accurate sense of my own accomplishments. Joe built up my confidence, showing me how the current words on my resume were undermining my true value. He followed up with actionable feedback and tips so that I could turn my resume into something that really reflected my skills and accomplishments. By working with Joe to prepare, I was able to go into my interview feeling confident in my own abilities, which meant I was at ease and comfortable during the interview. Joe's expertise in the tech industry was hugely advantageous for me as I was transitioning into the industry. He was able to help me translate resume bullets from my previous industry into more accessible language for tech recruiters.
Alyssa W.
Received offer for Product Marketing - Atlassian
Joe helped me accelerate my product management interview preparation. One of the things I find the most challenging is being creative under pressure, but Joe was able to coach me through by sharing some of his frameworks and giving me advice on how to creatively approach problems.
Dean G.
Received offer for Product Manager - Cisco
Joe was very attentive and considerate of my needs. He made himself available whenever needed and was very descriptive in the examples he provided when critiquing my interview practices.
My interview performance greatly improved through Joe's assistance. I advanced to later rounds in the interview process but ultimately decided to pursue a different role. I feel confident I could have landed a PM role with Joe's continued assistance.
Dean G.
Interviewed for Product Manager roles at Google

I liked how Joseph talked about his own interview experiences with different companies and shared his learnings throughout my interview preparation. During one of the sessions, Joseph walked me through one of the popular PM frameworks and made it like a discussion. That helped me learn how to better answer that type of PM interview question.

MIa R.
Received internship and full-time Product Manager offers from Amazon
Joe is very knowledgeable about what tech companies are looking for and his guidance helped me obtain my job at Uber!
Cady W.
Received offer for Sr. Operations Manager at Uber
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